About us

Hi, I’m Charlotte Bruun-Christensen founder of DanishDesignKids.             

Being a mum to young tots is a wild adventure. Add to that moving to a new country and, well, things get a little crazy...and also a tad lonely. What grounded me in my new life? Fashion.

That’s right, fashion was my answer. Fashions for my kids to be exact.

Everybody loves a good journey.  A few years ago when my husband accepted a new role in Switzerland, we decided to embrace the opportunity and live our dream of one day living abroad. Since our son and daughter were tiny tots, our timing was perfect.

It was fairly simple to pick up, pack the car and start on a new path.  I was looking forward to meeting new people and living in a new culture, afterall who doesn’t love the Swiss!  And it would be a totally different family life than the one we had in Denmark when both my husband and I worked fulltime jobs.  Leaving behind my corporate life as an Executive Assistant at Nokia in Denmark was not easy, but a new adventure lay ahead.  The previous 10 years I planned corporate events worldwide, kept company morale up and created a smooth daily life for my boss.  
The first year or so, I had the time of my life settling in and creating a new sense of home for our children.

Once we were settled, however, it was soon time for the children to experience day care and, with this, my life again changed suddenly. I needed more adult interaction, intellectual challenge, fun and adventure and I knew I needed it quick or I’d hit a wall of CRAZY!

As I looked for my next adventure, I found myself puzzling to find stylish, unique, well priced clothing for my children to wear.  In Denmark, adorable, comfy clothes for kids were everywhere but in Switzerland, I found nothing of the sort.. I began to import clothes for my children to meet my own fashion sense and  immediately other mums asked me where I got my kids clothes and how they could get them. A lightbulb soon flickered in my head and DanishDesignKids was born!  

A friend offered to host a home party for other mums we knew to shop and talk over coffee while I shared with them the latest in kids fashion from Denmark.  We giggled, shared stories about our kids and, in the end, everyone placed an order for clothes from DanishDesignKids. .  Following this was another home party, then another and, with each event, I felt the excitement build - my new business was the perfect way to develop a new community in a new country.

I never fathomed that the demand for well-priced cutting edge kids fashion would be so great, but soon we needed more ways to provide DanishDesignKids to our growing community.  In the spring of 2014, we expanded into the online space and in May 2016 we opened a physical shop i Hünenberg and expanding the shop in 2018 with a womens section. The shop in Hünenberg was closed down in autumn 2020, but the adventure continued online with both womens and kids fashion. 

I fill my days with the adventures of my business.  Each day I am able to wake with my children, play with clothes and learn what else needs to happen in my business.   

WELCOME to DanishDesignKids -  cool clothes for the adventurous kids and style conscious mums in Switzerland.

Owner and Founder of DanishDesignKids